plagiarism Detector Pro

Full version software of Plagiarism Detector Pro. Version 1.92.


This software will help you detect plagiarism in your content. Good if your using some blackhat techniques or spun content to post links, you can check it with this software to see if it detects plagiarism in your articles and then you can edit them to suit your needs.

This from their homepage:

Plagiarism Detector honors your privacy:
1. Checked Documents do not leave your computer!
2. Reports are strictly private!
3. Checked Documents are not stored in any database!

Plagiarism Detector works efficiently:
4. Works fast – less than 2 minutes per average document!
5. Your documents are checked immediately – no waiting in queue!
6. Checks are done against more than 7 billion on-line source!I7gHiCJB!hez5QSyCA9C9NqYn8zTTCC_TYUhVIMw3Azl4cUrfDkY