Hello, I would like to show you guys my latest project. It is the Auto scene Upload tool. Yes my custom tool for my fellow warez uploaders to make our lives easier and maximize profits without a bunch of work.

uploader tools


  • Leech latest software, games, movies (scene releases)
  • Automatically upload to file hosting account
  • (possibly include support to post to blogs / forums

I’m not sure about the last feature. I don’t want to waste a bunch of time trying to include features for sites that will always be changing.

But how much that would help warez uploader… leech links, convert to premium and then api upload to file hosting account.

The only thing that’s left is to post them. I may also include a basic post leecher (description, box art, nfo, screenshots, etc)

Will keep you guys updated right now it’s in beta and so far it leeches posts and converts to remote upload and finally api upload to my file hosting account. Just have to fine tune it a little bit.

scene wareaz leecher

Download Scene Leecher v1.0