scene leecher

I am please to announce, in beta, my release to you, the Scene Leecher. Instantly leech the latest scene releases for movies, software, music, and tv shows.

Just click leech and Scene Leecher will leech whatever category of scene releases you choose, and bring you your choice of either openload or nitroflare links.

So try it out, and tell us what you think. Keep in mind this release is BETA so if some features don’t work just post here and let us know! We plan on adding a lot more features but you can try it out early, download below!

Download Scene Leecher v1 BETA


To use:

  1. Download Scene Leecher.
  2. 2. Run program
  3.  Hit Leech button for the category you choose.
  4. Wait for scene leecher to grab the latest releases
  5. Under menu choose >show openload or >show nitroflare to grab all the links!
  6. Hit reset button in between categories or to start over!