Here I’m gonna show you warez uploaders a very cool site to help you with things like connecting cloud drives together, and also remote uploading to Mega.

The site is called Multcloud, and you can use it to register and then you can remote upload to sites such as dropbox, google drive, mega. You can even use your api username and password for openload to connect your openload account to it all. So This is how you remote upload to mega.

First you sign up for an account at the link above. After you register, you link your mega account. which basically you just login and agree to 3rd party connect on the mega site. After you have your mega account connected you remote upload like this.

remote upload to mega

FIrst on the left you click on your mega folder, then you click the upload button as shown in the screenshot above.

Next you click on the upload url button as seen in the screenshot below.

mega remote upload

this will open up the option for Mega remote upload. From there you put in your URL and file name and you click upload.

Your remote file will be uploaded to your account. You can check in your browser in your mega account and you will see the files will be there. The remote upload speed is very fast and you can also take your files between clouds as well.

This is a very simple way to add additional mirrors and you can also connect your other file hosting accounts through the FTP cloud option. I have my account also connected.

Hope this helps some of you with a work around to the no mega remote upload. Which is bs because I would think Mega would know what the customers want, remote upload. We are warez uploaders of course we want remote upload!