offshore hosting for warez

What is Offshore Hosting, and why is it important for a warez site? If you’re reading this then you probably already know the answer…

If you run or want to start a warez site, I advice you to go with offshore hosting, that is, hosting out of the United States. There are several offshore hosting companies, and the ones we are going to list today are DMCA Ignored Offshore hosting. Ok so your warez linking site will be allowed with these hosts.

Offshore Hosting with DMCA Ignored

Here are a few more that have a “flexable” dmca policy.

flexible dmca pOLICY

Well those lists should get yous started, but it’s up to you to make your own decision. Read the TOS when signing up for a hosting, especially if its hosting for your warez site. I can only personally recommend BeamServers, they are awesome for warez site. I have also used KnownSRV but it’s been several years ago.

I know there’s a ton of hosting sites out there, and more emerging all the time, so if I missed some, feel free to comment and add your website hosting. I will post the links as long as they are Offshore and DMCA ignored.

Good Luck in starting your warez site, take it easy everybody!