Here’s a quick guide for all you warez site owners. We all have the same common problems when it comes to earning money from a warez site. Of course there is your main earnings from the file hosting companies that you upload to, but you can’t exactly use Google Adsense. Well you could but your warez site would never be approved.

There is also the other option of adding your download links to short url services, such as The only problem with that is the short links are annoying and sometimes the ads will force a million pop ups or force you from the page you were trying to view. So that’s no good for our readers. I think if enough DMCA complaints from linking to copyright infringing materials will end up with your account terminated anyway. So a lot of people ask, how to make money from warez site?

Yes another way to earn money from warez site is to mine bitcoin from your browser. Now you can either use a custom script of your own, or for quick and easy transactions, use Sign up for free here.

After you sign up, click on the currency of your choice, then click on mine.


mining from website

Now you will see a window like this. Click on “Earn More”

warez site monetization

Now you will be give a code that you can copy and paste into your website, blog, or any page that takes HTML code or javascript.

Another good part is, when a user visits your web page, it automatically starts mining from the settings you have chosen. They don’t have to click nothing, but I don’t think it works if they have ad blocker enabled.

But here is the best part: You can edit the code so you can’t even see it on the screen, and it still works the same. Just edit the height and width or the code, change each to 2px or so and you will get a browser miner that looks like this:
make money from warez

As you can see from the picture above, you can’t even see it. I’m sure there are more edits you could do to make it completely invisible.

Anyway, just another method to earn money from your warez site, with less ads and annoyance to your readers, they can’t even tell the ad code is there, and your still making money!!

Take it easy !