Owned warez sites in the past? Thinking about starting your own warez site? I won’t try to stop you, but if you post something like this on popular forums you will instantly be ridiculed for being a noob, and other people will ridicule you for starting a warez site which is basically considered illegal. Even though it would technically be legal, if in accordance with DMCA laws, but still most people on forums and such don’t like the notion of a warez site, or they will tell you how much of a bad idea it is to start one.

Well we’re past that. You’ve already decided that you want to start a warez site, or that you are going to start a warez site. So that’s where we’re at. You should consider a few things:

  1. Running a warez or download site is a lot of work. Lots of work, and also that
  2. Earnings are less or harder to achieve because the legality of your side. Adsense is out the window. But profit is still very possible, but I recommend that you only start such a site because you have passionate about warez or sharing, etc.
  3. In this day and age, you will almost always have to go with auto generated content. We’ll get to that later but to compete with sites like scnsrc.me, warez-bb.org,  which make dozens if not hundreds of posts daily.

Well first get you some hosting, which you can use free hosting but I do not recommend it. This is because if they get complaints, they could yank your site, and it’s just better if you have your own hosting. You can get offshore hosting for a dollar or two a month, check out this post where I discuss different offshore hosting for warez.

Next you will need a domain, so you should register one. You sould pick an offshore or bulletproof “privacy” domain. Keep in mind when registering a .com, .info, .net and such can get yanked if your warez site gets big enough. You could go with a domain like .me, .sx, etc,, something that’s not ICANN TLD. But you don’t have to worry about that in the near future, because your site would have to get very popular for them to target your domain.

When starting your warez site (if you live in the united states), you should definitely register your domain with a “bulletproof” anonymous domain registrar, or at least use fake details for the registration.

Now depending on how you plan on getting your content, you may need a VPS server or something,

Keep in mind when registering your domain, what kind of warez site are you going to start? Are you thinking about a bb forum like warez-bb, or a warez blog like scnsrc.me, or sceper.eu? Which I’m going to start a case study in which I will walk you through these steps and you an follow to see the results.

Warez forums can be a hard niche to get into, unless you are a prominet member of a popular forum, but you an do as you wish.

WordPress is good because of the choice of many plugins, you can restrict content, you can automatically leech content from other warez sites.

Yes that’s right, I’m telling you to leech content. But just to start! You can add your own hand picked warez or whatnot, but first to get some content generated you can leech from some other sites. These warez sites are huge, so go ahead and leech in the beginning, just to get content you will need.

You should also be niche specific would help. For example you could start a warez software, or nulled scripts, or just tutorials, or just PC games, but pick a niche. Then it will be easier to dominate a specific niche than to take over the whole warez scene.

You should ask yourself:

What will make my warez site stand out among the rest?

If I was a downloader, would I use my warez site?

My opinion is in the beginning, you should use almost no ads. You will have your file hosting sites that you can earn from when people download your files or buy a premium account, but don’t bog the site down with tons of pop up windows, banner ads, and all that junk. Nobody likes that. People like a nice clean warez site.

Ok so this is where I will leave you. So do some thinking, and think of what kind of warez site you are trying to make, and how your warez site can set itself apart from the rest. Certainly look at established warez sites and you will see they all have one thing in common. They have a shit ton of content. They got new warez all the time being posted, so if you think think you’re ready for something (it’s a lot of work), do some research ahead of time and think about you’re site. Write down a “business” plan and actually put some time into it.

I’ll be back with part 2.

What do you think? Start a warez site? Forum? Forget it? Let us know!