File Hosting Sites 2018

Ok everybody, here’s a table chart of the best file hosting sites in 2018. Most of these file hosts are rated on a basis of what’s best for the uploader, and downloader. Because we all know what the downloaders like is good for the uploader because it means more premium sales and downloads. Each and every service we review, we have tried and used in our own uploading experiences. You can visit each review page and leave a rating for the best file hosting service and leave a comment if you see any mistakes.

I will be constantly updating this list, as sites change, as new sites need to be added. I will also be adding a form to the botto so you can suggest edits or if you want to suggest me adding a file hosting site to the list.

So here they are, in no particular order, the best file hosting sites in 2018:

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Best File Hosting Sites for 2018




Site: Total Storage: Storage Length: Minimum Payout: Affiliate Options: Review: 4 TB / 4 Gb per file 30 days from las tdownload $15.00 PPS / PPD 7.5/ 10 500 GB / 10 GB per file 30 days from last download $10.00 minimum PPS 8.2/ 10 Unlimited? / Umlimted per file? at least 30 days minimum (maybe longer) $20.00 minimum PPS / PPD (10k views / downloads) 8.4 / 10 2 TB / 30 GB per file 60 days from last download $30.00 minimum PPS 8.6 / 10 ?? / 2 Gb per file ?? unknown $20.00 minimum PPS / PPD / MIXED 7.8 / 10  Unlimited / 100 GB per file  $10.00 minimum  PPS / PPD / Mixed 9.5 / 10  500 Gb / 10 GB per file $2.00 minimum PPS / PPD / Mixed 8.7 / 10  Unlimited / Unlimited Unlimited / files over 500 Mb = 30 days $5.00 minimum PPS / PPD / Mixed 9.3 / 10  Unlimited / Unlimited  Unlimited $50.00 Minimum PPS / PPD / Mixed N/A  /2 Gb per file  30 days from last download  $20.00  PPD / PPS / Mixed  9/10 250Gb / Unlimited per file?? Unlimited $10.00 PPD / PPS / Mixed 9/10 1 TB ??? ?? $20.00 PPD / PPS / Mixed 100 GB /  1150 MB per file 30 days from last download ?? $5.00 PPD / PPS / Mixed

Other file hosting sites: (torrent leech) (Vietnamese) (German) (Chinese) (Chinese) (German) (French) (Russian) (Brazilian) (Arabian) (Spanish) (French) (Russian) (Brazilian) (Brazilian) (Polish) (Polish) (Arabian) (German) (Russian) (Spanish) (Chinese) (Polish) (Hungarian) (Czech) (German) (Czech) (Swedish) (mirrors :, (German) (Russian) (Russian) (Mexican) (French) (Documents Only) (Japanese) (Turkish) (Turkish) (Turkish) (add www. before the URL) (Not sure about this one) (Polish) (Czech) (Czech) (Hebrew) (Czech) (German) (Romanian) (Russian) (Russian) (Czech) (Russian) (use HTTPS) (Spanish, mirror (German) (Romanian) (German) (Russian) (Japanese) (Romanian) (Polish) (German) (Arabian) (Russian) (Polish) (German) (Polish) (Vietnamese) (Polish) (Japanese) (Chinese) (Documents Only) (Chinese) (Russian) (Indo) (mirrors :, (Chinese) (Polish) (Japanese) (Czech) (Polish) (Arabian) (Polish) (Czech) (Portoguese) (Portoguese) (Arabian) (Russian) (Czech) (Czech) (Hebrew) (Japanese) (Thai) (mirror : (Finnish) (Chinese) (Russian) (Polish) (Czech) (currently only premium users can upload) (German) (Russian) (Czech) (Russian) (no .exe files) (Azeri) (Russian) (Polish) (Russian) (Spanish) (Spanish) (Dutch) (Chinese) (Czech) (Polish) (Vietnamese) (Russian) (Russian) (Czech) (mirrors :,, (Slovak) (Japanese) (Arabian) (Vietnamese) (Vietnamese) (Arabian) (Arabian) (Arabian) (Hebrew) (Russian) (Arabian) (Arabian) (Slovak) (Czech) (Russian) (Czech) (Hebrew) (Polish) (Czech) (Hebrew) (Polish) (German) (German) (add “www.” before the URL) (Chinese) (Italian)