has become popular streaming / downloading site. Beautiful interface and layout, awesome affiliate statistics reporting, easy to use remote uploader, built in video thumbnailer make this a top choice for uploaders.

They pay per 10k downloads / streams. Here is their pay chart for countires:

openload affillate review
File Storage9.2
Downloader Experience8.9
Affilliatre Program7.5
Rating0 Votes0
The Good:
Get paid for streams and downlads
Good options to control your content (pick how many ads you wwant, force your users to disable ad block, even restrict other sites from embedding your files
Built in movie thumbnailer for video files
The Bad:
Fairly new service
No torrent leech
No folder share
No rar/unrar support
Overall Rating:
Final Thoughts: is a new platform and has gained a lot of popularity, with uploaders and down loaders. Downloaders love it because there isn't a long wait time, minimal ads, and the download speed is fast. Not to mention you can stream right away for video files. After using this service extensively, we definately recommend adding openload as one of your primary mirrors.
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