Best warez sites, best streaming sites, best file hosting site, best place to download torrents, warez forums, all listed here. You can submit your warez site or forum if you fill out our form. We won’t guarantee your site make it into the directory, it should be of some quality.

Best warez / piracy sites

There are many different types of warez sites. We have them grouped into catagories. The best warez sites mostly consist of the following types:

  • Torrent sites
    There are some public torrent sites that are ok, but most aren’t the best. It’s better to use a private torrent tracker for the best download speed and is a little safer. With torrent sites, the actual warez are stored on the users computers (or seedboxes) and are shared with other peers.
  • Warez Blogs
    Warez blogs post the latest scene and p2p releases on a blog platform. Some warez blogs post their downloads using file hosting sites, directly. Other warez blogs post the info about the release and the sites users post the links to download in the comments.
  • Warez Forums
    Uploaders upload the content to file hosting sites and then make a forum post and you can usually sign up and view download links, which are usually hosted on file hosting sites. Most warez forums are strict about what links they allow and only allow certain file hosting sites.
  • Streaming sites
    These sites are usually for TV and movies, and uploaders upload the content to streaming file hosting sites so the content can be viewed directly in the browser. These often have multiple links on streaming hosts but a lot of the sites are filled with advertisements, popups, ect.
  • DDL Sites
    These are basically a hub where different webmasters post their releases on their own site, but submit the downloads to a DDL site. So the DDL site links back to the original post, on different warez sites. It’s like a big collection of content all from different sources, organized into categories like software, games, movies, tv, etc.

To find the content you are looking for, you can generally use a combination of the different types of sites to find almost any warez you would like. I usually have a few warez blogs, 1 main private torrent tracker I use, and sometimes I look on a forum or two but usually I can find almost anything with a few of my favorite torrent sites and warez blogs.



Feel free to comment or rate the sites that we list. New sites will always be added to help you find the best download sites. With the right selection of sites, warez downloading can be a smooth process.